“Paintings that Inspire Conversation”



The work of Randall M. Hasson combines fine art and calligraphy to create paintings which, in the words of collectors, “inspire conversation”.

Contemplative Paintings,  Portraiture and “Legacy Commissions”  are produced in Acrylic on Canvas and are individually lettered by hand and layered with color and image through glazing. Each original piece can take up to 3 months to create. They are presented in large canvas panels. Due to the complexity and limited availability of these paintings, they are reproduced in limited Giclee’ editions on both canvas and paper.

Mr. Hasson utilizes a natural gift of combining his many calligraphic hands with image. A trained calligrapher and natural artist, he offers a passionate look at the unique relationship between the written word and the visual world.

Thank you for visiting – we hope you enjoy our work!


1 Response to Welcome

  1. Tim Botts says:

    Looking forward to seeing you again in Denver this summer. I’ve also taken an interest in early 20th century handlettering.
    Brother Tim

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